New membership application closed

Membership is full, and the waiting list is closed.

We have not set a date or time frame when the waiting list will reopen to accept new candidate members. We cannot speculate at this time when this will occur. If additional membership openings are available, we will re-open the waiting list. Then, as membership openings become available, we will extend orientation invitations to the persons from the waiting list in the order they signed up on the web site, first come first served. Please bookmark this site and watch for the waiting list to re-open.

Thank you for your continued interest in Bayou Rifles.In order to become a new member, PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS WEBSITE AND CHECK BACK. 

The following FAQ addresses many of the common questions. Please NOTE: if your question is answered here, you will not receive a reply to an information request.

Q: If I am on the existing waiting list when will I become a member? A: Unknown.

Q: I am on the existing waiting list, so how will I know when my orientation is scheduled? A: You will receive an email with the date, time and place?

Q: What happens if I cannot make the scheduled orientation? A: You will be given at least one additional orientation date/time.

Q. How can I get on the waiting list? A: You must wait until the waiting list reopens, so continue to monitor this site.

Q: When will the waiting list reopen? A. Unknown at this time, as it depends in part on how many members the Club has as opposed to how many members it can accommodate. Continue to watch this site.

Q: Can I recommend a friend for membership and bypass the waiting list, or go to the top of the wait list? A. NO, new members are added in the order they are placed on the waiting list.

Q: Can I call or email to determine when I or a friend will be able to become a member? A. No, there is no set schedule or time for adding new members, as it depends on when there are openings.

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